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May 3, 2018

This issue includes: Apple quits routers, more Volkswagen woes, mining malware, Github exposed some passwords, Facebook dating, Uber problems and much more...


Homeowners looking to sell their houses are using connected cameras to watch you as you view their home.

Apple has discontinued their Wi-Fi routers. I guess the updates will stop too so more orphaned devices connected to the internet.

A winery is using sensors to monitor parameters such as air temperature, humidity, rainfall, etc. and the data is transmitted via 4G back to a web app.

ARM released their tamper resistant chip for the internet of things called the Cortex-M35P. It is designed to protect against tampering with the processor and eavesdropping on the system.

Volkswagen and Audi models can potentially be hacked over Wi-Fi and cellular networks via their infotainment systems. Computest has released their report. The nmap scan is especially interesting.


The hack cost users $17 million.

Github has told some users their passwords were accidentally stored in logs unencrypted.

New malware called MassMiner is targeting web servers using an array of vulnerabilities to install a Monero cryptocurrency miner.

Researchers are saying that the laptop theft prevention tool LoJack is phoning home back to mother Russia.

KrebsOnSecurity notified several companies about employees sharing their passwords using the collaboration tool Trello.

A server in a Thai university was supposedly being used as part of a North Korean hacking operation and was used as a command and control host for GhostSecret.


Facebook wants to add dating to their list of features. So people will give them even more personal information I guess.

Cloudflare and the RIAA have agreed to a site blocking process. Because site blocking obviously can't be defeated and lawsuits are inevitable if you're a popular service on the internet.

Amazon in an attempt to curb domain fronting has threatened to suspend the application Signal's account. Signal uses this method to avoid censorship in some countries.

The FTC has given Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo 30 days to remove their Warranty Void If Removed stickers. The stickers are illegal.

An investigation by CNN has revealed that at least 103 Uber drivers have been accused of sexual assault.

China says they are scanning worker brainwaves to help make them more productive.

Cambride Analytica has filed for bankruptcy after all of the Facebook hoopla.

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