Security through Obscurity

This is one of those constant arguments you see in InfoSec where many people believe that you either have security or you don’t and there is no in between.

My opinion is that a step which contributes to better overall security is in fact security.

One of the best examples, which I see all the time on my own internet facing servers is simply reconfiguring SSH to listen on some other random port instead of the default port 22.

Many people will argue that particular step is nothing more than security through obscurity and is pointless.

However that simple step will almost always bring SSH brute-force attempts down to nothing. So that simple reconfiguration of SSH did in fact contribute to the overall security of the host by moving the attack surface out of view of the brute-force cannons.

Obscurity does have a place in security.

Apple iPhone 8

With the cost of the high-end iPhone 8, the only one I would want, predicted to be the most expensive ever, I’m wondering if the price point will be too high for even a tech addict such as myself.

I’ve already passed on the iPhone 7 because it didn’t really have anything I wanted so I’m hoping the 8 has something cool to make the price worth it, otherwise I may be sticking with the 6s Plus for a while longer.

We’ll see…

F1 Management Changes

As the moaning continues about the changes in F1 with Liberty Media taking over and Bernie put out to pasture, the old timers who are complaining seem to be glossing over the fact that Bernie is almost 90 years old and in the territory of just not waking up one day.

Whether Liberty Media is successful or not remains to be seen, but at least there is talk going on about the long term plans for F1, which is better than waking up one day to news that Bernie is taking the long dirt nap and all the old timers are fighting over who is going to take is place.