Corvette Stingray

I have to give props to GM at least on the last two cars I’ve owned; a 2013 Camaro ZL1 and a 2016 Corvette Stingray.

The Camaro was simply fantastic to drive, massive acceleration with superb handling to boot.

The Corvette is a different beast altogether to drive. Even in the Stingray version, the handling is fantastic and acceleration even quicker than the Camaro due to less weight. The interior which was updated greatly for this generation is quite nice and makes it feel more in line with European car makers.

It’s fantastic to drive on long road trips and it’s a joy every time I get in it.

And it gets 30 MPG on the highway!

The latest generation of Corvette is definitely not just for old guys with gold chains anymore.

Apple MacBook Pro

I was hoping that the latest revision of the laptops would have at least 32GB of memory but it was not to be. I guess it’s going to be a while before Apple gets any more of my money with the newest laptops not really giving me reason to buy.

Similar to the iPhones, just not compelling enough for me to spend that amount of money on their product and it would cost me money beyond purchasing the laptop, namely spending at least $100 on DisplayPort to USB-C dongles or purchase a port replicator that’s USB-C compatible.

Mobile Device Data Speed

It would seem to me that we have reached a point where it would make more sense for mobile carriers to tout their service as something like, “Full bars everywhere you want to be whether it’s in the city or middle of the forest.”

Gigabit speed over 5G or whatever is great but I would rather have current speeds be consistent anywhere I use my phone.

Alien: Covenant

I went to see this movie and I walked out thinking what did I just watch. It was kinda like a mashup of different things from previous movies with no new significant information on the supposed creators of humans.

I thought Prometheus was meh, but this was bad. Ridley Scott definitely phoned it in on this one…sheesh! Maybe it will be better the next time I watch it on streaming?