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Episode 43: HomePod issues, exploit kits, Cloudflare DNS, data leaks, drones at 30,000 feet, Voyager 1 and much more…

Episode 41: IoT Healthcare, ICS malware, AMD vulns, Paypal data sharing, steering wheels falling off and much more…

Episode 40: Drone hijacking, hidden malware, IoT in space, more memcached, McDonald’s tech, OWASP IoT Project and much more…

Episode 39: Alexa wants to be a universal translator, Memcrashed with a side of DDoS, pre-crime re-education, imaging a black hole and much more…

Episode 38: More malware, dead IoT devices, declining credit card fraud, iPhone data extraction and much more…

Video Episode 32.1: 30 minute discussion on What is the Internet of Things?, Security and Privacy, Attack Surface Areas, Previous IoT Research, Is it Getting Any Better? and Protect Yourself.

Video Episode 23.2: I have added a few lines of experimental code to Firmwalker for use with the Shodan CLI.

Video Episode 23.1: Quick video on a small enhancement to Firmwalker so that any certificate files discovered will be run against OpenSSL. If successful, the certificate serial number will be output for use with the Shodan search engine.

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