Updated on January 10, 2022 at 6:14 pm

The Dolphins still appear to be a team lost in the wilderness; no franchise QB, personnel issues, coaching issues and management issues.

Tua got hurt today because of poor play by his teammates. My guess is he never plays another down for Miami.

The Dolphins will mortgage their entire future to trade for Deshaun Watson. Which will likely go horribly wrong for them like everything else does.

The question now is, what QB would want to play for this team anyway? They looked like a poorly coached high school team in today’s game.

Getting old, two games into the season and this team is done.

Same ‘ole, same ‘ole.

Update: The journey through the wilderness continues for the Dolphins with a 1-3 start to the 2021 season.

The failure this year is squarely on the ownership and coaching of the team because this team has numerous players who would likely be superstars on a team that knows how to utilize their players.

The Dolphins’ owner put a person in charge a few years ago who was part of the team that helped orchestrate the previous regime’s journey through the wilderness. Lo and behold we are right back where we started, poor draft picking, bad coaching choices, atrocious coaching, etc., etc., etc.

The current coaching staff also thinks there’s some kind of magic to be had by drafting, for example, a defensive lineman and then asking him to play safety. “Because we like players who are versatile.”

Other teams draft a top defensive lineman from college and have them play, oh I don’t know, defensive lineman and what do you know they excel at it.

This current regime is trending to be one of the worst in Miami history and that is saying something because there have been some bad ones.

For those of you who think Deshaun Watson is the solution to this problem, take another look because the Dolphins’ ownership and management are systemic problems that must be addressed first before this team will ever be successful.

The owner, Steven Ross, needs to address this or sell the team to some one who can.

Complete and utter failure is where this current regime is heading.

Update: And apparently after a 1-7 start, they remembered how to play football. Might be too little too late to mean anything but at least they don’t suck at the moment. Which seems to be the best thing Dolphins fans can hope for these days.

Update: After another poor showing in a game with playoff implications, it’s time to move on from Miami’s current coach Brian Flores. He now has the exact same record Adam Gase had when he was fired so… And I found out later it is exactly the same record as Joe Philbin after three years… some elite company for sure…

Two years in a row now the Dolphin’s have been plastered with the playoffs on the line…that comes down to one thing…coaching.

Flores failed on coaching and Chris Grier, the GM, failed at drafting a QB. Both need to go along with a trade for someone other than Tua. Plenty of people will say give Tua more time, but the reality is the owner already tried to acquire a different QB earlier and I can’t imagine Tua has done anything to change the owner’s mind.

Short of taking Miami to the Super Bowl, Tua was always going to get traded in 2022 assuming Deshaun Watson is available.

So the theme for Miami in 2022 should be a new Coach, new GM and a new QB. This trio has failed Miami on multiple fronts and it’s time to move on.

Miami has a descent core of players so attracting a new coach and a GM with the tantalizing prospect of having Deshaun Watson as your QB should peak the interest of a few qualified folks out there.

Oh, and with lots of salary cap space for free agents, now seems to be the perfect time to replace these three.

Update: The Dolphins managed to win their final game of the season… a game that doesn’t matter… and everyone it talking about how they played with pride and finished on a high note… sorry, but where was their freakin pride when they were stinking it up in a game last week that mattered.

The Dolphins are not in the playoffs yet again so playing with pride or finishing strong does not matter, the goal is to get in the playoffs, not “finish on a high note” in a game that doesn’t matter. One more reason the triumvirate of fail known as Grier, Flores and Tua should be replaced.

And by the way, the New England Patriots rebuilt their team in one year and are now back in the playoffs. The Dolphins are on their third year of a rebuild and can only finish on a high note.

Update: The regular season is over by one day and the Dolphins’s owner is making the worst of all possible moves. Firing the head coach and keeping the GM, the same GM that sucks in drafting. They need to fire the GM as well because what new coach wants to come to the half-baked dumpster fire that is the Miami Dolphins now.

Yes, please I would love to be a coach for a team that can’t draft worth a crap.

Just leaving things the same would have been better than the half-measures that team owner Stephen Ross seems to prefer doing. I don’t know. What a joke.