Updated on July 6, 2023 at 12:14 am

This particular activity could become rather addictive were it not for the need to be outside imaging when the temperature is 90 degrees.

I did my first session on the Sun using the Baader AstroSolar white light filter on the front of my 180mm Maksutov with a focal length of 2700mm. Few people realize the natural color of our sun is actually white and not the yellow-orange we perceive it to be. Even so, the other option for solar imaging is a dedicated H-Alpha solar telescope which can produce stunning images albeit that particular type of telescope is expensive for one that has only a single function.

In addition to the AstroFilter, I also used a Baader Solar Continuum glass filter in conjunction with a Baader UV/IR Cut filter. The Solar Continuum filter will create a green image however I was using the ASI1600MM mono camera to try and bring out more detail.

The 1600MM isn’t necessarily the best camera for the job so I’ve ordered the ASI174MM planetary camera in order to take high speed video in mono to perform some lucky imaging.

The image below is just a single shot from the ASI1600MM camera. Notice the 3 sunspots in the center.

The sorta round out of focus looking blotches are likely dust on a mirror or filter that’s showing up due to the high magnification.

Very cool!

Sunspots imaged on 4-25-21
The Sun imaged on 4-17-21
Same area as above at 2x the native magnification