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April 03, 2018 - Issue 43

This issue includes: HomePod issues, exploit kits, Cloudflare DNS, data leaks, drones at 30,000 feet, Voyager 1 and much more...


Some HomePod owners are saying the sound quality has declined since its last firmware update.

An Amazon executive explains how IoT is changing the internet; single point to multiple points outward on the edge --> multiple points on the edge to a single point inward

NVIDIA is partnering with Arm to make IoT devices. The partnership will give IoT chipmakers a way to quickly integrate AI into their products.

Ontario Canada retirement homes are looking to add sensor bracelets to its Wi-Fi networks to track residents in the event they wander off.

Gartner projects that worldwide spending on IoT security will reach $1.5 billion in 2018 and $3.1 billion by 2021.


A rather interesting review of exploit kits RIG-v EK, GrandSoft EK, GreenFlash Sundown and Magnitude EK.

The US State Department wants all US visa applicants to hand over their social media handles used in the past five years.

Cloudflare introduced a privacy-first consumer DNS service on April 1st. The one downside if you are already using a DNS security service like OpenDNS Umbrella is that using the Cloudflare solution means giving up the security service. leaked millions of customer records including phone number, email address, physical address and loyalty account number. Apparently this information was available to anyone who had the link. Panera also accused the security researcher who discovered it of being a scammer. Wouldn't you still want to take a look just in case?

Georgia passed a bill which says any unauthorized computer access will be a misdemeanor. The original wording in the bill which made sense specified "malicious intent". Seeing how Atlanta is going through a massive ransomware attack, probably not the time to be alienating security folks.

New York is pushing legislation which would add cybersecurity regulations on businesses. For example, the law would impose a legal responsibility on businesses to protect sensitive information. The article mentions a car wash company which seems to have a better handle on information security than most.


A comparison of DNS resolvers; Cloudflare, Google, Quad9, OpenDNS and others.

Apple likely to replace Intel chips in Macs with its own as early as 2020.

Uber settled with the family of the woman killed by one of their self-driving cars. That was fast and likely included lots of zeros.

Someone in Russia flew a drone to 33,000 feet. Still not convinced the video is real, but it sure looks real.

Voyager 1 fired up its thrusters after 37 years in the vacuum of space. It is 13 billion miles from earth. Wow!

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