Updated on July 6, 2023 at 12:15 am

Just put one of these on order. We’ll see how long it takes to arrive given the supply issues going on right now.

The plan is to piggy back it to my RASA 8 and then depending on which telescope I’m using as the primary, use the other as the auto-guider.

In theory, it should be a slick setup. Refractor and RASA, 400mm focal length for the RASA vs 275mm for the Raptor and wider field of view on the Raptor to image objects that won’t fit in the RASA’s field of view.

It’s also extremely portable and works well with a DSLR camera. I’m hoping to get some wide field images of the Milky Way during the trip to Cherry Springs State Park in Pennsylvania this summer.

Update: I received this telescope and have not yet been able to take it out due to weather. Hopefully this weekend.