Mars – the Red Planet


  • Distance from Earth: 34.8 – 249 million miles
  • Imaged on: 12/27/20
  • Telescope: Orion 180mm Maksutov-Cassegrain
  • Imager: ASI462MC Planetary camera
  • Subs: Approximately 60-seconds video
  • Filter: Baader UV/IR
  • Processing: Autostakkert, RegiStax

This is my first whack at planetary imaging so there are likely a thousand things wrong with this image, but still pretty cool that I was able to get this amount of detail. The stacking software is amazing to say the least when you look at the original captured video.

For a whole bunch of reasons, you image planets by capturing video because you need thousands of frames to perform what is called lucky imaging where you hope that enough individual frames of the video are sharp enough for stacking producing an image worth looking at.

Below is another image of Mars and a close up of our Moon.

Our Moon