I was finally able to grab one of these after being constantly out of stock.

It’s only been a few days, but the difference between this device and my Netgear mesh system is night and day.

The Netgear had a base and two satellites. This is just a single device and covers a two story house without issue. I am getting a second one of these to mesh them.

The Alien has WiFi 6, multiple antennas and can do multiple streams.

I think the issue with the Netgear and other older systems is the inability to handle large numbers of devices in the age of IoT. I had about 30 devices connected to the Netgear and they seemed to often be stepping on each other.

The Alien doesn’t even flinch and you can also optimize each device connected to the Alien for streaming, gaming or normal use.

I’ll add more to this post as I continue to use it.