Got one of these on pre-order, should be here in March.

Among other things, it does live stacking of your images and I can’t wait to see how well that works.

Update: 6-6-20

I’ve had this device out a few times in the last month or so… wish it was more, but crappy weather happened.

I was hoping the wireless would be stronger on it, but I think it might actually be worse than the ASIAIR given the metal case. I just run a network cable to it and data transfers are super fast so not a big issue at this point.

I was also hoping to use the live stacking feature, but honestly I would just rather continue stacking in DeepSkyStacker for now.

Aside from those couple things, so far I’m very happy with it especially since it has 4 additional DC power ports. Combine this with a Pocket Powerbox and you should be set for power connections to various things like your camera, dew heaters, fans, mount, etc.

So far so good.