Updated on September 9, 2020 at 12:22 am

I’ve been on a bit of a keyboard kick lately with two HyperX models.

The Alloy FPS RGB:

And the Alloy FPS Pro:

Both are mechanical with the first using Silver Speed switches and the second using Cherry MX Red switches. The Silver Speed switches have a bit more resistance and aren’t as clicky as the Cherry MX Red switches.

They both have configurable key lighting although the FPS Pro is red key backlighting only.

Each is fantastic at either gaming or typing up a Word document and I’m pretty sure you could smack someone in the head with these and neither would be phased by it as they are solidly built with metal and are quite heavy for keyboards.

The FPS RGB also has a second USB connection for additional power with a built-in connection for charging your phone while you type or game.

Either one makes a great choice if you are looking at mechanical keyboards.

Update: 10/5/19 – Of the two, the Allow FPS Pro is definitely my favorite in regards to keyboard feel and reliability.

There seems to be some issue on both of my Allow FPS RGB keyboards with the space bar key getting tilted to one side at which point I then have to press down on it and level it back out again. Also the tilt causes the space to not register even though you hit the space bar.

Kinda weird. Although that is the only issue I’ve had with it.