Updated on September 9, 2020 at 12:22 am

I’ve been using a standing desk along side my traditional desk since December of last year. I wish I had purchased one sooner if I’m honest.

I ordered the Jarvis with the 48″x”30″ bamboo contour top with the black legs.

I also ordered the wire management kit, power strip and power grommet (sort of like a large coaster in each back corner) which includes a regular power outlet along with USB-A and USB-C ports.

The desk was put together quickly and without drama. The bamboo top is gorgeous.

While I was doing research on standing desks I read what look to be “hit” pieces by competitors of the Jarvis desk with the primary concern being lateral movement of the desk when in the standing position.

There was some concern about the potential of lateral movement with this desk and honestly it would have been a concern with any standing desk I purchased.

Those concerns were quickly put to rest after I put the desk together and got everything set up. I currently have a 24″ monitor fastened to the desk with a monitor arm along with two laptops and an assortment of other random electronics and the lateral movement is barely a millimeter or two from side to side. And that is at a height of 41 to 42 inches.

The desk also raises and lowers smoothly with no jerkiness at all from the electric motor or the sliding of leg pieces.

Interesting side note, the legs in the picture I pulled from their website looks as if three different pieces comprise each leg, however the legs on my desk appear to only have one piece (two pieces total) that slide up and down together. I assume that adds to the stability of this particular desk.

Overall it’s a beautiful piece of hardware, works flawlessly and is definitely worth the price.