Updated on September 9, 2020 at 12:22 am

Just got myself a legit drone to test out this weekend. I have a wee little Parrot drone but this one is the real deal; 4k camera, GPS, DJIs’ latest bells and whistles.

I’ll be testing it out this weekend after registering it with the FAA of course.

DJI also has an insurance plan that will replace up to two drones if you crash and burn.

Finger crossed I can keep it all in one piece.

2-19-2018 Update

So I took the drone out for a spin this weekend and it’s amazing. Granted it’s the only proper drone I’ve owned to this point because I wanted to let the technology mature a bit.

And I think the wait has been worth it. The drone is super stable even under windy conditions, easy to fly with the remote control and the 4k camera is truly great.

After I did a couple of test flights and got comfortable with it I finally took it out of Beginner mode which allows it to fly higher than 98 feet.

The Sphere panorama I took below is from a little over 150 feet in altitude. Absolutely fantastic.