Updated on September 9, 2020 at 12:23 am

With the cost of the high-end iPhone 8, the only one I would want, predicted to be the most expensive ever, I’m wondering if the price point will be too high for even a tech addict such as myself.

I’ve already passed on the iPhone 7 because it didn’t really have anything I wanted so I’m hoping the 8 has something cool to make the price worth it, otherwise I may be sticking with the 6s Plus for a while longer.

We’ll see…

Update: 5-13-17 – Latest rumors have the iPhone 8 price starting at $999 for 128GB with no 32GB model. There better be some serious “wow” involved for a grand minimum on a phone.

On another thought, maybe it’s the perfect time for Microsoft to get back in the mobile phone game. A device half the price would still be a good phone. I’d definitely try another Windows phone if so.