Updated on September 9, 2020 at 12:23 am

I was having a look at 4k televisions at the local Best Buy and if you’re looking to purchase one soon, definitely get one with High Dynamic Range (HDR), a massive image quality difference.

I still haven’t replaced my 1080p 50″ plasma television yet because most of the shows I watch aren’t available in 4k and there still isn’t a ton of movies available in 4k either.

And I’m not really into watching shows in 4k just for the sake of watching 4k.

One random thought though on 4k, full resolution 4k movies will be a bear to upload and download via bittorrent… better have some high bandwidth caps.


I ended up purchasing an LG 60″ 4k with HDR. Absolutely fantastic plus shows on Amazon are inĀ 4k now. Like the Grand Tour and some other pretty good shows on Amazon. Extremely happy with the tv.