Updated on September 9, 2020 at 12:23 am


  • NY City Launches Investigation into Hackable Baby Monitors [Baby Monitors]
  • Let Consumers look at the code on IoT devices, says FTC [FTC]
  • myDevices Drag-and-Drop IoT Project Builder [myDevices]
  • Sony buys Israeli chipmaker Altair [Sony]
  • Samsung Claims Largest IoT Ecosystem [Samsung]
  • Wi-Fi Alliance introduces Wi-Fi HaLow [HaLow]

Security and Privacy

  • Customers wary of security holes in connected devices [Survey]
  • State of Privacy in America [Privacy]

Upcoming Conferences

Learning about IoT

  • Intel IoT Galileo Gen 2 and Grove Starter Kit
  • Intel MinnowBoard Max (Bitlocker available)
  • RPi 2 Model B Starter Kit
  • Onion Omega – BLE Expansion, Ethernet Expansion, Expansion Dock

IoT Community

  • Join local OWASP
  • OWASP Internet of Things Project

Industrial IoT

  • Adapting Sensors for Industrial Ethernet [Sensors]