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  • List of IoT related articles
  • GE’s new energy business, Current
  • M2M Spectrum Network joins LoRa Alliance
  • ARCHOS launches PicoWAN based on LoRa
  • IoT and the Red Bull F1 team
  • Amazon sets sights on IoT
  • Nest releases Weave protocol that’s different than Google Weave

Security and Privacy

  • Processor-based Verification enhancing IoT Security
  • Microsoft security coming to Windows 10 IoT
  • NIST Cyber Physical Security Framework

Upcoming Conferences

Learning about IoT

  • Arduino Wi-Fi Shield 101
  • RPi 2 Model B Starter Kit

IoT Community

  • Builditsecure.ly
  • Iamthecavalry
    • Have a look at their Five Star Automotive Cyber Safety¬†Framework
  • Online Trust Alliance

Industrial IoT

  • SanDisk Flash Drive Portfolio
  • Industrial IoT – Designing, Testing and Securing the Next Mega-Trend
  • A secure element for IoT devices

IoT Things of the Day from Shodan

  • Trains
  • Power Inverter

Supplemental Podcast Videos