Updated on September 9, 2020 at 12:23 am


I have been using Backblaze for backups to the cloud on my workstations, however I’ve recently moved to SpiderOak due to some limitations with Backblaze.

One of the primary limitations is that Backblaze won’t install on a Windows server which is understandable given the potential for large amounts of data to be uploaded from a server and they do offer unlimited backups for $5/month per host.

SpiderOak however will install on a server and as many clients as you want but the plan I have is 1 TB for $12/month.

For me, 1 TB is enough and I need it installed on my server so I’m switching over to SpiderOak.

Just like Backblaze, SpiderOak is also zero knowledge as far as the data you are uploading due to encryption.

Anyway, this solution works better for me since I have certain things on my server that I want backed up to the cloud.