Updated on September 9, 2020 at 12:23 am


I’m experimenting a bit with this Bluetooth keyboard from Logitech since it is able to be configured for three different devices. Once the devices are configured you can pick between the three by simply pressing the appropriate key on the keyboard.

I have three workstations if you will in my command center and I currently only have one keyboard, the K380. The keyboard is easy to get used to and the batteries last up to two years, much longer than batteries last in the Apple Bluetooth keyboard.

So far it seems to be working for me even though I have to pick the keyboard up and move it to each station when needed. The keyboard does come labelled for Windows and Mac keys so that’s handy since I am using it with Windows and Mac systems.

All in all it seems to be a solid keyboard with no issues switching connections as needed between the workstations.