Updated on September 9, 2020 at 12:23 am


  • List of IoT related articles
  • NSF commits $6 million to secure IoT
  • IoT tech deep dive on the rise of beacon technology
  • IBM signed deal with ARM to ‘watch’ billions of IoT devices
  • Nonprofit IoT infrastructure

Security and Privacy

  • Proxy Bluetooth devices with btproxy
  • 9 baby monitors wide open to hacks
  • OWASP Internet of Things Project site
  • IoT malware and ransomware attacks

Conferences in September

  • Security of Things Forum, Cambridge, US
  • IoT Solutions World Congress, Spain
  • Internet of Things Chicago, Chicago, US
  • IoT Security, Boston, US
  • Ottawa Internet of Things Conference, Ottawa, Canada
  • PrivacyCon, DC, US in January 2016
  • Internet of Things Events site

Learning about IoT

  • Axelta online IoT Trainings
  • Primer on technologies building the IoT
  • MQTT vs Websocket vs HTTP/2
  • IoT testing environment

IoT Community

  • Builditsecure.ly
  • Iamthecavalry
  • Online Trust Alliance


  • Daniel Miessler will be speaking at Hou.Sec.Con in October
  • Greg Patton speaking at HoustonTechFest on Mobile Security on September 12
  • Ray Kelly speaking at AppSec USA on September 22 on “Modifying the Android OS for Mobile Application Testing”