Updated on September 9, 2020 at 12:23 am


  • List of IoT related articles
  • Corporate Counsel Taking Note of IoT Risk
  • 3 Ways the Internet of Things will Change Every Business
  • How Bluetooth 4.2 Will Make Your Home Smarter
  • NSA: Here’s $300,000, people. Go build us a safer Internet of Things
  • Microsoft, Verisign, Symantec sign on for IoT Security Framework
  • The biggest growth drivers in technology infographic

Security and Privacy

  • Blackhat and DEFCON
  • Iranian Hackers broke into what they thought was a Chevron gas pump – but it was a honeypot
  • This $30 device defeats almost any keyless car or garage door – “Rolljam”
  • ZigBee vulnerabilities

Conferences in August

Learning about IoT


  • Daniel Miessler will be speaking at Hou.Sec.Con in October
  • Greg Patton speaking at HoustonTechFest on Mobile Security on September 12
  • Ray Kelly speaking at AppSec USA on September 22 on “Modifying the Android OS for Mobile Application Testing”