Updated on September 9, 2020 at 12:23 am


  • List of IoT related article
  • NASA researchers create Wi-Fi powered chip tech for wearables to improve battery life
  • 79% of big companies using IoT technologies
  • Top 10 IoT applications
  • HP Fortify Smartwatch report

Security and Privacy

  • Ownstar hacks GM cars to locate, unlock and start them
  • Hackers remotely kill a Jeep on the highway
  • Bluecoat bows endpoint intelligence ecosystem
  • Intel and Honeywell team up on IoT for industrial

Conferences in July

Learning about IoT


  • Daniel Miessler will be speaking at Defcon 2015
  • Daniel Miessler will be speaking at Hou.Sec.Con in October
  • Greg Patton speaking at HoustonTechFest on Mobile Security on September 12
  • Ray Kelly speaking at AppSec USA on September 22 on “Modifying the Android OS for Mobile Application Testing”

Call for Papers

  • IoT Security conference in Boston on September 22 – 23