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  • List of IoT related article
  • Quote from “Microsoft has hit the ecosystem wall” by Fast Company
    • The word “ecosystem” is tossed about a lot in the tech industry, but it does not simply mean having a bunch of stuff out in the market. As in nature, having a tech ecosystem implies that one part of a business feeds another part. Unlike in nature, though, ecosystems are expected to not only continue in their cycle but keep growing.
  • Wi-Fi Aware could be what the Internet of Things has been waiting for
  • How Eddystone will take beacons further than ever before
  • Gartner says smart lighting has the potential to reduce energy costs by 90 percent
  • Target built its own smart home to sell you smart home tech
  • M2M connections in China to reach 336 million by 2020

Security and Privacy

  • Apple’s chip’n’firmware security demands behind HomeKit delays
  • IoT Protocols project digging into things like BT, Zigbee, Z-wave, Thread and other IoT protocols

Conferences in July

Learning about IoT

  • Axelta online IoT Trainings
  • Defcon 23 and the IoT Hacking Village
  • Blackhat USA Training
    • Embedded Device Security Assessments For the Rest of Us
    • Offensive Internet of Things (IoT) Exploitation
  • CANTact car hacking device


  • Daniel Miessler will be speaking at Defcon 2015
  • Daniel Miessler will be speaking at Hou.Sec.Con in October
  • Greg Patton speaking at HoustonTechFest on Mobile Security on September 12
  • Ray Kelly speaking at RSA Asia on July 22 and at AppSec USA on September 22 on “Modifying the Android OS for Mobile Application Testing”

Misc Tech

  • Gaming headset – Astro A50