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  • List of IoT related articles
  • 39 IoT-related companies acquired so far this year, $14.8 billion spent
  • IoT projects analysis on Kickstarter crowd funding platform
  • Hacker search engine becomes the new internet of things search engine
  • Internet of things will create millions of job opportunities
  • Leaving the consumer out of the internet of things is a mistake
  • WikiCFP

Security and Privacy

  • IoT flaw discoveries not impactful – Yet
  • OWASP Internet of Things Top 10
    • Updated the Talks and Conferences sections
  • BTCrawler – Bluetooth Diagnostic & Discovery Tool

Conferences in July

Learning about IoT


  • Daniel Miessler will be speaking at Defcon 2015
  • Daniel Miessler will be speaking at Hou.Sec.Con in October