Updated on September 9, 2020 at 12:23 am


  • Intel’s latest Atom chips going into connected devices
    • New version of the Atom x3
    • Operates in extreme temperatures
    • Designed for Linux and Android
    • Can operate on 3G or LTE
  • Intel’s firmware engine
    • For IoT developers
    • Use with Atom or Quark chips
    • Start with Intel-approved firmware image
    • Based on UEFI
    • Boots on OS’es like Windows, Android and Linux
  • Security top issue for IoT developers
    • The Eclipse Foundation conducted a survey of 356 IoT developers
    • 44% noted security as their top concern
    • 60% of developers in planning stage concerned about security
    • Security concern was lower for already deployed solutions
    • Connectivity was more of a concern for already deployed solutions
    • 80% noted the use of open source software for IoT solutions
    • Linux was most often used at 78%
    • HTTP was the most common messaging protocol
    • MQTT protocol used by 53% of respondents
  • IoT Day this week
    • Many different events
    • A day for manufacturers and business to meet up and discuss their visions for IoT
    • IoTLIVE has various recorded speaker sessions from IoT Day


  • FTC guidance on IoT
    • Security built in
    • Minimize the data you collect
    • Give users a choice if you are collecting more data than what would be expected for functioning of the device
  • NIST article about effective timing signals and IoT
    • How do we ensure that messages sent between IoT systems are timely enough to make those systems safe and effective in critical deployments
    • For example a critical system which needs to make a split second decision based on information being collected from thousands of individual devices requires guaranteed message delivery times
    • Currently focus is on optimized data processing rather than accurate timing
    • Timing cuts across clock design, networking, hardware and software architecture and application design for example
    • Interesting paper discussing things like PTP (precision time protocol) for LANs


  • As part of IoT Day, IoTLIVE
  • RSA Conference in San Francisco, April 20
  • IoT Privacy Summit in Mountain View, April 18
  • iotevents.org

Learning about IoT

  • Hacking Exposed Wireless, Third Edition
  • Onion Omega is billed as an “invention platform for the Internet of Things”
  • RfCat  is for doing all kinds of fun things in the 300 – 928MHz range used by IoT devices
  • Xipiter class on Software Exploitation Via Hardware Exploitation
  • CANtact is an open source car hacking tool


  • John Matherly presenting on Shodan and IoT at the CITE conference on April 21 and 22