Updated on September 9, 2020 at 12:23 am


  • We in the InfoSec industry should all learn from it and use what we learn to help our customers.
  • It could happen to any large corporation who is your customer.
  • There should be debate about who is responsible for the compromise and how it occurred.
  • As security experts, we shouldn’t be bashing other’s opinions, but instead providing evidence and/or guidance.

Which brings me to my fifth thought where I’ve noticed some of the security experts bashing those who aren’t of the same opinion as them and basically sending the message of fall in line and trust the government. Maybe the US government and the FBI have definitive evidence that is was North Korea. If so, great. But unless there is zero chance the government is wrong, we shouldn’t be closed minded to other possibilities.

InfoSec is ever changing and ever evolving, being closed minded in this industry will kill you.