Updated on September 9, 2020 at 12:23 am


I just purchased a new 4k monitor and holy crap is all I can say. I’m not easily impressed these days but this monitor is amazing. Quite simply it is making my Thunderbolt Display sad.

The one thing that is amazing in addition to all the desktop work area is how smooth the fonts are. Even on the Thunderbolt Display the fonts are grainy, but on the 4k monitor they are completely smooth. Even when you scale it to a non-native resolution, they are still completly smooth.

I know the Samsung isn’t one of the higher end 4k displays but it’s making me want to throw all my other monitors in the trash.

I have the Samsung connected to a early 2008 Mac Pro running an Nvidia GTX 770 video card connected via regular display port. The display port is necessary since HDMI only carries 4k at 30hz and the display port v1.2 carries 4k at 60hz.

If you are thinking of moving to 4k I would definitely recommend it. Simply amazing on the Samsung at least.