iPhone Loyalty Rates

I was reading a story about how the iPhone loyalty rate is like 92% ahead of the iPhone 8 and how it dwarfs others like Samsung (77%), LG (59%), Motorola (56%) and Nokia (42%).

There’s an issue with these numbers in that consumers only really have two choices with phones; Apple and Google based. Apple only makes Apple phones and about a million companies make Google based phones.

So of course loyalty rates are much lower for makers of Google based phones because its fragmented all over the place.

Loyalty rates should really just be between Apple and Google/Android based since that’s really the only two choices we have at the moment.

If you don’t like Google based phones and want to upgrade then you’re only choice is Apple.

I really wish Microsoft would get its act together and come out with a decent phone that developers will create apps for so we would have another choice.

And on an upgrade note, I’m sure Apple will have another spectacular iPhone season when the iPhone 8 comes out, but I’m no longer purchasing phones on installment payment plans.

I want to understand the full pain of paying $1000 for a phone and use that pain to decide whether paying that amount to upgrade from my iPhone 6s Plus is really worth it. Honestly I would rather spend that on a new MacBook Pro that supports more than 16GB of memory.

We’ll see.

Three Bitcoin addresses from WannaCry Ransomware

Below are the three BTC addresses identified so far by security researchers as belonging to the WannaCry Ransomware. Watch them grow.

As of 12:25 EDT on May 16th, the total of the three addresses is around 41 BTC. That’s about $72k currently.

As of 4:52 EDT on May 17th, the total is around 44.66 BTC. That’s worth about $80k currently. Not increasing at a super rapid pace.

So there’s been a decryption tool released today, May 19th, and the BTC haul stands at about 47 BTC or around $91k.

Not exactly the haul one would expect from a global campaign, although still painful for those affected.

Alexa Calling is a Fabulous Mess

As much as I love Amazon, they sure jacked up the launch of the calling and messaging features for Echo devices:

  • You can’t go through the setup process again in the Alexa App once completed
  • You apparently can’t modify the setup in any way after completion
  • You must call Amazon to disable the calling feature
  • It wants to suck in and store your whole contact list
  • Anyone can call you whenever they want
  • It’s more like an intercom service than a calling service
  • No blocking of contacts in the Alexa app or removing the contacts without removing the contact from your primary list
  • What else?

Come’on Amazon, you’re better than this.