I can’t help but smile … AT&T and Verizon bleed customers

Because I have zero sympathy for companies like AT&T and Verizon who refuse to compete and continue to screw over their customers as much as humanly possible.

On the mobile front, AT&T lost 348,000 postpaid customers this quarter and Verizon lost 289,000 postpaid customers all while T-Mobile gained something like a million.

T-Mobile has been gaining each quarter for quite a while now while both Verizon and AT&T have been losing.

Seeing as T-Mobile is the only one of the three that even bothers to try and compete, I say well done T-Mobile. Sprint is in there somewhere… but it’s Sprint so who cares.

Anyway, I’m happy to have contributed to the AT&T losses by taking my business to T-Mobile after like 8 years or something at AT&T.

Maybe these guys will learn one day… probably not though.

Service Canary Beta

I’m trying out a beta of Service Canary. It’s a simple python code install which then monitors for changes like new users added, service restarts, changes to firewall rules and more.

If a change is detected, it alerts you via email. For me anyway.

Pretty cool if something bad happens to your server out on the internet like malware creating new users or stopping and starting new services or even opening a new port via iptables.

I especially like the alerting feature for when changes do happen.

You could probably monitor for some of these things via logging but this particular service does appear to make it quite easy and fast to get things going with monitoring.

Have a look.

Anki Overdrive Racing Game

I have the Anki Cozmo robot which is super cool so I figured I would try the Overdrive product. It doesn’t disappoint.

The cars for the game all have on-board AI that reads the track for location so it knows whether to drive straight or it is heading around a curve or even a jump.

There are different styles of games you can play with the vehicles; race, battle, King of the Hill, time trials, but you control the lanes the cars are in, speed and weapons use.

That’s right, each car has different strengths like speed, defense, weapon power, etc. and you use those while you’re racing to gain position on your opponent.

You can race four other players using your smartphone or race the AI. You get weapons like particle cannons, area affect weapons, depth charges and even a tractor beam for reeling in your opponent for a disabling shot.

Part of the appeal to this game is that you’re able to buy additional vehicles, track, jumps, intersections and more.

The whole product is shows that is was well thought out. The track pieces fit together with magnets so no snap together pieces. The cars go around turns using only their rear wheels by varying the rotation speeds on each wheel and the app is well thought out too. It’s well thought out in a way you expect from companies like Apple. Anki definitely has some smart folks working for them.

Seriously fun and the track configurations are endless. And the AI likes to trash talk to. A whole lot of fun!

Update: And they are adding a Fast & Furious set of cars available for pre-order on May 16th.

Amazon Monitor Arm

If you are looking for a way to make additional space on your existing work desk, this is an excellent way. Put your VESA compatible monitor on an adjustable arm.

This one from Amazon Basics is a great choice, very sturdy and well built. It attaches to the desk using a very secure C-clamp, but also has an option for mounting if you have a mounting hole in your desk top.

Again it most cases it requires a VESA compatible monitor. ¬†I have a Samsung 4k monitor which isn’t VESA compatible, however someone made an adapter for it. It supports monitors up to 32 inches and 25 lbs.

It’s amazing how much difference having your monitor mounted on an arm makes in regards to desk space.